The Paper “Winter 2017” Now Available

The Paper Winter 2017 Now Available in "Archive."


Our Silence Will Not Protect Us

By Maya Doig-Acuña Our country is deeply fragmented in this moment, or more aptly, fault lines have always drawn boundaries between our communities. But this election has cracked and exposed the broken rock beneath us. In the weeks since the 2016 presidential election, we continue to feel the aftershocks of such a divide. Many of… Continue reading Our Silence Will Not Protect Us

Remember Where You Came From

By: Destiny Jenesis At the beginning of November, rapper Lil Wayne had an interview with ABC Nightline reporter Linsey Davis in which some controversial statements were made.When Davis asked what Wayne thought the Black Lives Matter movement was about, the rapper responded saying “it’s somebody got shot by the police for a f****d up reason.”… Continue reading Remember Where You Came From

Fin Is Lit

As college students who are soon to be thrusted into the career world around us, we need to learn how to take ownership of the financial decisions that affect our future success. Put together by a team of undergraduate advertising and public relations students from the City College of New York, LightsOn Productions is dedicated to helping… Continue reading Fin Is Lit

Marching Across the Brooklyn Bridge, CUNY Students and Faculty Protest Against Budget Cuts

Written By Andres Valcarcel Photos by Gabriela Vasconez Manhattan - Last Sunday CUNY students, faculty, and Assembly members congregated at City Hall Park to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and protest against budget cuts proposed by New York State. At 12 pm, students, faculty, and supporters gathered at City Hall Park in lower Manhattan. The City… Continue reading Marching Across the Brooklyn Bridge, CUNY Students and Faculty Protest Against Budget Cuts

The Academy Awards and a Hope for Change

A reflection of the Academy Awards stance on race and a hope that it changes soon. Kwesi Cush The Academy awards, more commonly known as the Oscars, claim to always mirror society. As the melting pot center of the world, America reins true. But as recent events have shown, some flavors are not accounted for… Continue reading The Academy Awards and a Hope for Change

Rap & Ball Music Video

Incorporating two of the top trends in entertainment, Timothy N. Welbeck Esquire, age 33, creates a music video for his single Rap and Ball 2.0. The song sends a message to young adults around the United States to aspire to become anything they put their minds to besides sports and entertainment. “The song challenges children… Continue reading Rap & Ball Music Video

The Homecoming [video]

Congratulations to Ronald Espinoza, who shot and edited this fantastic video of Albert, Jerry, Greg, Charles and Jeff when they visited CCNY in April to talk to journalism students.

Summer @ City

Why take a CCNY summer course -- to enrich your education! by Jalesa Tucker Every year students clamor into counselor offices and furiously select summer courses on their tablets and iPads that will fulfill their degree requirements and propel them forward on the long road to graduation. And this summer plenty of students will sign… Continue reading Summer @ City

Are Dating Apps Racist?

Why we don't get more love online by Jalesa Tucker Great news for all the single ladies. New York Times writer Molly Wood recently reported that the steady increase in smartphones usage has led to a surge in the popularity of mobile dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Zoosk. Wood writes “It’s easier, faster and… Continue reading Are Dating Apps Racist?

“Black-ish” — Offensive or Refreshing?

The new ABC sitcom has struck a chord -- and set off a debate By Maria Estevez Mackey Since its debut  in September, the show Black-ish has sparked controversy. Starring Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson - as Bow and Andre Johnson. The ABC sitcom has been targeted for both its title and edgy subject… Continue reading “Black-ish” — Offensive or Refreshing?