By Joceyln Ovalles

Hellotittie is a women empowerment brand with a mission of providing a platform for the female artist where they can showcase their art and gain more recognition. Their March 1st featured a variety of female artists of all mediums including paintings, digital art, and performing arts.

The spacious venue filled with art of the traditional gallery walls each has space where artists were able to set up their work. With the ease of navigation came the ability to examine the art and have a discussion. The artists were women of all ages and ethnicities a beautiful sight for any women artist to get the chance to see. As I got the privilege to walk around and speak to the artists, I asked them two important questions;

What inspires you to make art? What is it like being a woman artist in our society?

These artists are inspired by mental health, Pop Art, colors, music, healing, emotions, energy, nature and being able to express things some people don’t feel safe speaking out about. Many of the artists think that being a woman in the art in today’s world is way more inviting than being a woman than before.

The younger generation of women artists is bringing along challenging ideas about diversity and inclusion. One of the young artists Jada Hairston said, “Art does not have a gender.” As she was explaining to me how she doesn’t see herself being anything other than an artist. Some artists think it’s easier to be a woman artist nowadays than it is for men and the art world is getting dominated by women.

Hellotittie is changing the way women are seen in the art world. Hellotittie is speaking out to all women and encourage them to support each other.  “We value Empowering Women and Young Girls!” More exposure is exactly what we need in order to be taken as seriously as the Picasso’s and the Van Gogh’s. The goal is for a woman to be in the art textbooks and be a part of the evolution and history of art as much as their male counterparts.

Learn more about Hellotittie here.