By Nichimyo Rich

The City College of New York has made a promise to ensure campus sustainability by fostering environmentally sound habits and behaviors across the campus while engaging the Harlem community. But just how does CCNY plan on keeping that promise?  

CCNY Green is a club founded to focus the student population on bettering the environment, sustainability, and saving bees.  A club that invites students to learn about ecological practices and how to live a sustainable lifestyle. They are located on top of the Anne and Bernard Spitzer Architecture Building and aim to provide cooking, gardening, and workshops for the community.

Chantal Garrido remarks on why the City College community needs CCNY Green, stating,“we are curious, progressive, and keep up to date with healthy practices of today.”

Each year, the club holds Honeyfest, an event held to inform students about bees. CCNY Green has a beehive, which they take an extreme pride in.

In the United States, bees has seen a sharp decline that has led beekeepers to sound the alarm, according to The Conversation.

The club held a lecture hosted by the architect and self-taught roof pod beekeeper, Christian Volkmann. After the event, attendees were asked to participate in the process of honey production. Each participant gains new insight on how honey is created.

This year participants got to produce candles made out of the beeswax!

CCNY Green believes partnership with the student population and organizations on campus will help build better relationships among the student population and part of their agenda is to add gardens in front of the NAC and Marshak Buildings to create a lighter mood on campus.

CCNY Green members are dedicated to seeking knowledge about maintaining the bees, gardening and living a lifestyle that saves the planet.
“We are eager for the knowledge and application of eco-friendly and self-friendly hobbies and invite the students of CCNY to come learn and find out for themselves.” Chantal Garrido, CCNY Green Secretary.