BankingOnMyCareer.Com (BOMC) teamed up with a student led communications agency developed by The City College of New York’s (CCNY) Advertising and Public Relations Senior Workshop class, ComSept, to raise awareness and increase website traffic.

Nichimyo Rich is the Social Media Manager of ComSept. “We are excited to work with BankingOnMyCareer.Com,” Rich says. “BOMC provides information on the financial sector and different financial careers. Students now have the starting point towards upward mobility and have the opportunity to achieve the financial stability that they deserve,” she says.

ComSept Communications created a campaign targeting CCNY’s Freshman and Sophomore class that strategically implements the idea that their client, BankingOnMyCareer.Com, offers stability, social mobility and security in their lives. BOMC’s biggest challenge is creating an authentic interest in the finance sector for students at the start of their college career. ComSept hopes to tackle that challenge with an integrated marketing campaign that is fun and creates agency in the lives of CCNY students. is a digital platform that provides free information on different financial careers and the financial sector overall. The website was created to inform students and job seekers about this exciting industry and help them get the education they need to prepare for a fulfilling long-term career in Financial Services. To learn more, go to