Remember Where You Came From

By: Destiny Jenesis At the beginning of November, rapper Lil Wayne had an interview with ABC Nightline reporter Linsey Davis in which some controversial statements were made.When Davis asked what Wayne thought the Black Lives Matter movement was about, the rapper responded saying “it’s somebody got shot by the police for a f****d up reason.”… Continue reading Remember Where You Came From


No Girl Left Behind

Helping African-American girls succeed By Carrie Jeremy Starasia Mackline, a bright and outgoing 8th grade student in my after-school program, often finds herself getting sidetracked. Like any normal middle-school child, she worries about having friends and hanging with the “cool kids.” One “friend” in particular doesn’t seem to care about her education and often distracts… Continue reading No Girl Left Behind

Miss Universe Material: Perfect Smile, Long Hair, Fair Skin

Why Jamaica’s Kaci Fennell didn’t win By Whitley Bermudez Since the beginning of the Miss Universe competition in 1952, the majority of its crown holders have had a lot in common in the looks department. For the competition, countries throughout the world enter women to represent their beauty. Apparently, most beauties have long hair, fair… Continue reading Miss Universe Material: Perfect Smile, Long Hair, Fair Skin