Fin Is Lit

As college students who are soon to be thrusted into the career world around us, we need to learn how to take ownership of the financial decisions that affect our future success. Put together by a team of undergraduate advertising and public relations students from the City College of New York, LightsOn Productions is dedicated to helping… Continue reading Fin Is Lit


Marching Across the Brooklyn Bridge, CUNY Students and Faculty Protest Against Budget Cuts

Written By Andres Valcarcel Photos by Gabriela Vasconez Manhattan - Last Sunday CUNY students, faculty, and Assembly members congregated at City Hall Park to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and protest against budget cuts proposed by New York State. At 12 pm, students, faculty, and supporters gathered at City Hall Park in lower Manhattan. The City… Continue reading Marching Across the Brooklyn Bridge, CUNY Students and Faculty Protest Against Budget Cuts

Summer @ City

Why take a CCNY summer course -- to enrich your education! by Jalesa Tucker Every year students clamor into counselor offices and furiously select summer courses on their tablets and iPads that will fulfill their degree requirements and propel them forward on the long road to graduation. And this summer plenty of students will sign… Continue reading Summer @ City

No Girl Left Behind

Helping African-American girls succeed By Carrie Jeremy Starasia Mackline, a bright and outgoing 8th grade student in my after-school program, often finds herself getting sidetracked. Like any normal middle-school child, she worries about having friends and hanging with the “cool kids.” One “friend” in particular doesn’t seem to care about her education and often distracts… Continue reading No Girl Left Behind