More than Skin Deep

A model with vitiligo takes fashion world by storm By Joli Eubanks Winnie Harlow, a model with vitiligo, has been gaining the attention of the fashion world with her unique look. The 20-year-old, who was first introduced on America’s Next Top Model, recently landed campaigns for both Desigual and Diesel. She has a disease that… Continue reading More than Skin Deep


No Girl Left Behind

Helping African-American girls succeed By Carrie Jeremy Starasia Mackline, a bright and outgoing 8th grade student in my after-school program, often finds herself getting sidetracked. Like any normal middle-school child, she worries about having friends and hanging with the “cool kids.” One “friend” in particular doesn’t seem to care about her education and often distracts… Continue reading No Girl Left Behind

Straight Outta Jerk-ville

What’s with colorism and sexism behind the scenes of the much-anticipated movie? Winnie Valerio Excitement exploded as the new Straight Outta Compton trailer was released to audiences in early February. In theaters August 14, 2015, audiences nationwide wait in anticipation for the movie about how "the world's most dangerous times created the world's most dangerous… Continue reading Straight Outta Jerk-ville

Black College Students Feel the Pinch

Of course you know that already, but here are the facts – and solutions by Tiffany McKay Michaelson Phaeton’s mother emigrated from Haiti to the U.S., received citizenship, then took out loans to finance her nursing degree at Atlantic Union College and two of her other children’s education. Before Phaeton started college, his father passed… Continue reading Black College Students Feel the Pinch

The Homecoming

Veterans of our publication talk about the past and future of The Paper by Jalesa Tucker Some of the original members of The Paper stopped by Shepard Hall on April 16 to talk to current students about the significance and legacy of CCNY’s only campus publication run by students of color. City College in the… Continue reading The Homecoming

Miss Universe Material: Perfect Smile, Long Hair, Fair Skin

Why Jamaica’s Kaci Fennell didn’t win By Whitley Bermudez Since the beginning of the Miss Universe competition in 1952, the majority of its crown holders have had a lot in common in the looks department. For the competition, countries throughout the world enter women to represent their beauty. Apparently, most beauties have long hair, fair… Continue reading Miss Universe Material: Perfect Smile, Long Hair, Fair Skin

The Drip Drop of Stereotypes

We love Empire, but… By Lemuel Reddick Everybody’s talking about Empire, this season’s hottest new show. Its ratings have soared and the show has already been renewed. But even as we are addicted to the exploits and the music of the Lyons family, the show offers some of the worst stereotypes of black men and… Continue reading The Drip Drop of Stereotypes

Not So Fresh

If “Fresh Off the Boat” stopped pandering to a white audience it would be a better show by Massiel Ramos First came Black-ish, and now Fresh Off the Boat adds to sitcoms introduced recently that focus on families of color. But this new ABC ½ hour comedy that follows a Taiwanese family living in Orlando… Continue reading Not So Fresh

Grammy’s Whitewash

Put the hip-hop category on television where it belongs By Keevin Brown African-American culture has been the subject of white America’s reverence since before the days of minstrelsy. The 2015 Grammy’s decision not to televise the hip-hop category speaks to a deeper issue of cultural appropriation, voyeurism, and exploitation. The awards ceremony opted to have… Continue reading Grammy’s Whitewash

More Natural Hair Drama

Stop criticizing women of color about our hair By N. Grant At the recent Oscar show, Disney Channel actress Zendaya Coleman walked the red carpet wearing waist-length dreadlocks. The following day on the E! channel show, The Fashion Police, Guiliana Rancic, joked that the actress smelled of “smells like patchouli oil, and weed.” Coleman took… Continue reading More Natural Hair Drama

Yusef Salaam Tells Students the Real Central Park Jogger Story

In 1989, Yusef Salaam and four other Harlem teenagers, were arrested for raping a woman in a notorious incident known as the Central Park jogger case He spent seven years in prison for a crime he did not commit and was finally exonerated in 2002. Salaam, now 41, visited a class of journalism students recently… Continue reading Yusef Salaam Tells Students the Real Central Park Jogger Story

Get Your Hand Out My Pocket

Reclaiming $1 trillion of aggressive African-American buying power by Andres Davoren Jr. The media often portrays Black people in America as aggressors. And we are aggressive—shoppers and spenders—according to a recent study conducted by the Nielsen Company. This year, the report notes, African- American economic power is expected to soar to $1 trillion. This African-American… Continue reading Get Your Hand Out My Pocket

Alejandro Iñárritu Calls Attention to Mexico’s Political Instability

And that nasty green card comment didn't bring the award-winning director down by Janis Jimenez Jaimes At the recent Academy Awards ceremony, Mexican director Alejandro G. Iñárritu topped the list of winners. His film Birdman took four Oscars in total including best picture. But, perhaps the biggest victory for the Mexican community came from Iñarritu’s… Continue reading Alejandro Iñárritu Calls Attention to Mexico’s Political Instability