Summer @ City

Why take a CCNY summer course -- to enrich your education! by Jalesa Tucker Every year students clamor into counselor offices and furiously select summer courses on their tablets and iPads that will fulfill their degree requirements and propel them forward on the long road to graduation. And this summer plenty of students will sign… Continue reading Summer @ City


Straight Outta Jerk-ville

What’s with colorism and sexism behind the scenes of the much-anticipated movie? Winnie Valerio Excitement exploded as the new Straight Outta Compton trailer was released to audiences in early February. In theaters August 14, 2015, audiences nationwide wait in anticipation for the movie about how "the world's most dangerous times created the world's most dangerous… Continue reading Straight Outta Jerk-ville

Grammy’s Whitewash

Put the hip-hop category on television where it belongs By Keevin Brown African-American culture has been the subject of white America’s reverence since before the days of minstrelsy. The 2015 Grammy’s decision not to televise the hip-hop category speaks to a deeper issue of cultural appropriation, voyeurism, and exploitation. The awards ceremony opted to have… Continue reading Grammy’s Whitewash