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"A Beacon of Truth for the Unheard."


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2020 – Current

Managing Editor
2021 – Current




Adams, Jasmine
Alladice, Darryl
Augustin, Lindsie
Austin, Andre
Bailey, Martina
Ballinger, William
Becker, John
Bell, Thomas
Bernier, Sheryl
Brito, Djaerly
Brown, Keevin
Browne, Sarai
Bullock, Celeste
Burg, Lenny
Caldwell, David
Castillo, Robert
Collazo, Bob
Covington, Francee*
Crain, William
Dajer, Dominique
De Leon, Albert*
Dmitrieva, Anastasia
DiRienzo, Joe
Dixon, Gwen
Doris, Anne
Doris, Warren
Dorsey, Ely
Edmead, Carol
Fleming, Ted
Fleshman, James
Ford, Arlette
Ford, Jordon
Frost, Ray
Galluzzo, Piero
George, Kacy
Goodwin, Leilani
Graves, Jasmine
Gray, Dorothy
Hayes, Gene
Holder, Gred
Holmes, Steven
Hunter, Victoria

Jackson, Henry
James, Dean
Jimenes, Jose
Kearse, Akeem
Lake, Edwin
McDonald, Tom
Meneses, Beverley
Morgan, Jeff
Muñoz, Paula
Newton, Chris
Ott, Kaitlan
Parker, Zhané
Pham, Eitene
Quinn, Lena
Powell, Charles
Rechin, Charles
Reyes, Angelita
Rich, Nichimyo
Riddick, Diane
Rivera, Jaime
Rivera, Louis Reyes*
Rosado, Grace
Sabour, Mai
Sanjurjo, Olga
Shittu, Habibat
Sierra, Diana
Simms, Paul*
Small, James
Soto, Faviola
Steck, Shannon
Stephens, Cynthia
Tennant, Oronde
Thomas, Nathaniel
Thompson, Tanika
Tillman Irving, Jane
Tucker, Jalesa
Wallace, Michele
Watts, Duane
White, Eric
Wiltshire, Easter
Wood, Easter

One thought on “Join

  1. Actually The Paper dates from 1970 forward. Also, the name Louis Reyes Rivera (among a few other omissions) needs to be added to the list – he was one of the founders of The Paper, along with Paul Simms and Francee Covington. Suggest putting an asterisk by their names to indicate their status as one of the three founders of The Paper. Happy to discuss further.

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