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"A Beacon of Truth for the Unheard."


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CALLING ALL journalists, editors, poets, bloggers, activists, designers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, media experts, strategists, and thinkers…

1. have a voice and something to say.
2. want to work creatively and build your resume.
3. tell stories in an innovative and meaningful way,
4. want to incite discussions around social issues
5. wish to join a legacy of scholarly activism


Content Producers–Pitches ideas and writes articles that are socially responsible and are in line with the overall mission statement. Team players open to growth through writing and constructive critiques, peer edits, and collective deliberation. Additionally, they are expected to meet deadlines and attend monthly club hours.

Photographers, Videographers, Illustrators– Work closely with people connected with the story, suggests and agrees to the visual requirements for stories, ensures presence at key moments/events, ensure integrity and appropriateness of photographs in time of the deadline, works to help produce visual digital content including capture, edits, and processing. Manages electronic equipment and assets during the production process.

Copy Editors–Fact checks articles for important names, dates, locations, historical data, and quotes. Proofread articles for grammatical and spelling errors.

Social Media Managers–Manage the assets pertaining to social media strategy, channels, content management systems. Creation of digital posts that engages multi-media content while facilitating the growth online through the management of the social media calendar. Ensure content is expertly integrated to build awareness and increase engagements across social media, email marketing, and the website.

Creative Designers–Thinks and works creatively to meet the needs of content producers, editors, and media by developing creative ideas to execute. Manages the cross creative production of assets and ensures the production of accurate, engaging, high-quality work as part of a team. Knowledge in technical tools such as Creative Cloud is appreciated but not required.

Operations Managers–Maintains and manages the workspace by maintaining messages, mail, invoicing needed office supplies, and keeping the space orderly.

Managing Editors–Supports Head Editor with overall management of organization through call meetings, taking minutes, dispersing tasks and following up, ensuring punctuality of articles with edits and layout considerations including a headline, subhead, pull quotes, photos, ads in preparation for Executive Editor

“A Beacon of Truth for the Unheard.”

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