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The Paper welcomes the online submission of articles and other forms of modern content for publication in print and online. Submission does not have to be exclusive to use and can be any length, though we are unlikely to accept if they less than 400 words or longer than 1200 words.

We place importance on content that aligns with our vision and mission. Other factors that affect the likelihood of publication includes relation to the organization, timeliness, relevance, and space constraints. Special expertise is not recommended but is appreciated if applicable to content.

Letters to the Editor can be sent by email to and submissions with attachments can be sent to with the fields of the form below.

The form below is the best way to submit an article. Please type and paste your article as plain text, not HTML. Follow the instructions and fill out the different fields to have the best portrayal of yourself and work on the website. We do our best to review all submissions.

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